How well do you utilize marketing in your social media and mHealth efforts?

18April 2019

It seems like a good time to revisit some big ideas about our mental models and the use of social, mobile and other technologies for helping people adopt new behaviors. How well do you utilize the 5Es?

“…it is not the technologies we use in our programs that need to change, but our frames for looking at the world and thinking about what we do. In designing interventions that will effectively lead to behavior change, we have to ask ourselves: 1) Do we harness the ability to educate people about issues and problems that are relevant to them (not us); 2) Is what we do engaging them in positive and meaningful ways; 3) Is there an entertainment value to our offerings; 4) Do people believe and feel empowered as a result of their experiences with our programs (products and services); and 5) Do we take advantage of every opportunity to let our customers and clients become our evangelists? If we fail to do all five, we are failing them and ourselves. And failure in our work is not an option.”

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